HS-712 RX

Handheld Radio Receiver with 8-Channel Relay Output

Battery operated handheld radio transmitter,
and receiver with 8 output relays.

Transmitting power: Pout = 10 mW
Radio range: 1 km line-of-sight, free-field (no reflections), with antenna fixed 3 m above ground
Operating frequency: 64 selectable frequencies from 433.100 MHz to 434.750 MHz
Transmitter command input: 12-key membrane keyboard (8 keys for commands)
Receiver relay outputs: 8 output relays with potential-free contacts rated at 50 V, 2 A
Special function: RRC (random rolling code) data encryption
Power supply: Transmitter: 9 VDC internal batteryReceiver: 12 VDC +/- 20% external supply

Transmitter: hand-held, IP-44 protection
Receiver: die-cast aluminum alloy, with PG cable gland, IP-65 protection
RF/EMC compliance: EN 300 220
Operating temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC